The Trivia tractor

The Trivia tractor is a mobile game show that can reach the far corners of your fairgrounds. The tractor pulls a small trailer outfitted with contestant positions featuring “lockout buttons”, sound equipment and props and prizes. In this mobile trivia show the questions and the value of them are determined by the roll of giant dice, rolled by the audience. It is fast paced, highly interactive and very flexible based on who is playing at any given time. Kids, teens, adults ANYONE can play! We have questions and sound effects suitable for every age. We even had a 92-year-old beat teenagers recently! 

Strolls the grounds between shows!

The trivia tractor can be presented 2-3 times per day as a companion attraction to the Wheels Of Agriculture stage show, Or can be presented 3 – 4 times per day an independent strolling attraction.